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En voyageant, nous passons des heures à filmer chaque événement de notre séjour. Nous ne voulons pas oublier ces merveilleux moments éphémères. Nous rêvons tous de pouvoir faire son film de son voyage pour se souvenir de ces beaux moments pendant des années. Mais:
• Une fois de retour, la routine reprend, nous n’avons plus le temps
• Faire de votre film de voyage une demande de savoir-faire technique
• Nous avons les bons outils pour créer le film
En conséquence, toutes les vidéos prises pendant le voyage sont perdus dans un désordre total au bas des cartes mémoire. C’est pour ça qu’on est là! Nous vous aidons quand vous revenez de vacances, pour faire votre film de voyage. Il suffit de nous transférer toutes les vidéos prises pendant votre séjour et nous faisons pour vous votre souvenir de film, en ligne avec vos attentes.

In my travel around the world, I absolutely wanted to achieve one of my dreams, skydiving. Hawaii seemed to me to be an ideal destination to achieve this dream. Two possibilities were offered to me, jump to Honolulu on the island of Oahu or jump on the island of Kauai. The less touristic aspect and beauty of the island of Kauai allowed me to make my choice: Skydive Kauai.

As you can see from the video above, this experience has been exceptional. Probably one of the best experiences of my life, because it was my first skydive.

The staff are very friendly, they are real enthusiasts who put us very quickly at ease. We are allowed to be carried from beginning to end by the companions, the confidence in them is necessary, but very easy to grant.

We start the dive by a flight over the island of Kauai for about twenty minutes in order to reach the right altitude of 10 000 feet. We fly over the beautiful coast of the island as well as the splendid Waimea Canyon. Once you reach the right altitude, you’ll be at the edge of the precipice ready to jump. Followed by a free fall of about thirty seconds. Finally, we end this fall by a peaceful parachute ride for several minutes. We can even take the direction of the parachute.

Once we arrive, the jump leaves us feeling good for many hours, as if we had been given morphine. All that remains is to choose the music to put on the video and wait a few minutes for it to be performed.
The price of this skydive is 239 USD without counting the taxes and surcharges of fuel. The price to get the video is 79 USD. The price is the same to get the photos. The photo and video pack is at 109 USD. Taking only the video pack, the jump cost about 360 USD by counting the charges and the tip.
The take-off area is located south of the Hawaiian island of Kauai, at the Port Allen Airport, as you can see below. An appointment is made by phone with the owner, but it is possible that the weather will change the time or date of the skydive.